The IWEP 2013


This 10th International Workshop on Electric Probes in Magnetized Plasmas (IWEP 2013) was hosted by the UPM PlasmaLab research group of the School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering (Escuela de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio, EIAE) at the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) past July. We are grateful the participants to this 20th IWEP anniversary that are the responsible for the success of this biannual conference.

We whish the best of success to the organizers of next edition of IWEP scheduled in Bulgaria on 2015. Additionally, we also wish to pay tribute to the efforts and accomplishments of our preceding colleagues and participants responsible for the previous workshops celebrated in Berlin (1993-2000), Greifswald (2003), Seoul (2005), Prague (2007), Innsbruck (2009) and Iasi (2011).

This meeting represents a landmark for the theory and applications of electric probes in Plasma Physics and related topics and provides a forum to discuss forum for the exchange and discussion of fruitful ideas. The topics of this workshop are focused on the physics and techniques of electric probes in magnetized and non‐magnetized plasmas in the broadest sense.

1. Mechanisms of electron current saturation
2. Accuracy of electron temperature measurements
3. Techniques for measuring the ion temperature
4. Multiple probe systems, probe arrays
5. Robust probe tip constructions for high power loads
6. Detection and consequences of non-thermal distributions
7. Sheath and pre-sheath physics
8. Probes in recombining and drifting plasmas
9. Advanced and innovative probe concepts
10. Probes in space and propulsion systems
11. Probe applications in fusion-oriented devices
12. Probe diagnostic in technological plasmas
13. Other topics

We are indebted to the International Scientific Committee, to our colleagues from the Local Organizing Committee, the authorities of our School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering and the Technical University of Madrid. We are also aware of the efforts made by the attendants under the light of the present worldwide economic difficulties.

Finally, we wish to thank Ms. Sandra P. Tierno Gómez, Mr. Jorge González Muñoz and Mr. Mark S. Mullee for their technical assistance and enthusiasm in the organization of this workshop.

On Behalf of the International and Local Organizing Committees,

         Dr. L. Conde (Chair) and Dr. J.M. Donoso (Co-Chair)
         Madrid, September 2013.
         Departamento de Física Aplicada EIAE Universidad Politécnica de Madrid